Kulich [koo-lihch] A tall cylindrical Russian Easter cake traditionally served with PASHKA (a creamy cheese mold). Kulich is yeast-raised and flavored with raisins, candied fruit and saffron. It’s usually crowned with a while confectioners’ sugar icing, sprinkled with chopped candied fruits and almonds and sometimes topped with a rose. RECIPE Ingredients (Yields : 4 loaves) […]

Beef tartare

A dish of coarsely ground or finely chopped high-quality, raw lean beef that has been seasoned with salt, pepper and herbs. It’s thought to have originated in the Baltic Province of Russia where, in medieval times, the Tartars shredded red meat with a knife and ate it raw. Today the seasoned raw meat is usually […]

Beef Stroganoff

Stroganoff [straw-guh-noff; stroh-guh-noff]   Named after 19th-century Russian diplomat Count Paul Stroganov, this dish consists of thin slices of tender beef (usually TENDERLOIN or TOP LOIN), onions and mushrooms, all sauteed in butter and combined with a sour cream sauce. Stroganoff is usually accompanied by RICE PILAF. Beef stroganoff to a Russian is like a […]

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