Salted white radish (Cải xá bấu or Củ cải muối)

Salted white radish (daikon) is famous in Vietnam, especially in Cầu Kè- Trà Vinh province (Southern Vietnam). It is known, originated from China, but, after migrating to Vietnam, with skillful hand of the south-west people, it is processed differently and create a very distinctive dish.



  • 5 kg daikon
  • 2 kg rock salt
  • 1 container (earthenware container – Vietnamese: Lu, khạp)


  1. Choose the good quality radishes: heavy, not spongy. Cut stems off or leaves with about 3 cm left.
  2. In the container: layer with radishes, rock salt and repeat the process until finishing, the top layer is rock salt, cover with lid, let stand overnight.
  3. Next day, take the radishes out, arrange on bamboo rack, dehydrating under sunlight. End of day, put back to container like the first step.
  4. Do the process about 1 week (6 to 7 days). The last day, put all of radishes back to container, cover and aging in dry place about 2 week more. They will be turned dark brown red in color.

Some suggestion for this dish:

  • Shredded salted radishes, mix with sugar, vinegar as a condiments for plain rice porridge.
  • Chopped salted radishes then make omelet, with steamed rice or rice porridge.
  • Saute diced salted radish with pork belly
  • Make salad: salted radish, boiled shrimps, sliced pork belly (boiled), vietnamese fresh herbs, roasted peanuts and dressing
  • or mixture of: salted radish, chopped garlic, chopped chili, sugar and some lime juice as side dish
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