Banh canh tom

BÁNH CANH TÔM or Thick rice noodle soup with prawn in a rich coconut gravy. BANH CANH is a thick RICE NOODLE, you can make by yourself as BANH CANH’s recipe or buy at ASIAN market, or using UDON NOODLE substitute


Ingredients: (For 10 serves)

  • 1.5kg BÁNH CANH (Thick rice noodle – See BANH CANH’s recipe
  • 500gr minced PORK
  • 1kg PRAWN, shelled, deveined, minced
  • 60gr chopped SHALLOTs
  • 3tbsps cooking oil for sauteing
  • Pork STOCK (or water)
  • 700gr grated coconut for making 2ltrs COCONUT MILK or 2cans (250ml/ea) COCONUT CREAM
  • Seasoning: Salt, pepper, SUGAR, meat booster (or MSG)
  • Garnishing: 150gr RAU RĂM (Vietnamese coriander), 50gr CILANTRO, 100gr SCALLIONs, Fried SHALLOT


  1. In a bowl, mix PORK and PRAWN, add salt, Cracked white peppercorns, set a side for 5 minutes.
  2. Meanwhile, Mix grated COCONUT with 2 liters water, then strain through a CHEESE CLOTH for making COCONUT MILK. If you use COCONUT CREAM, mix coconut cream with 2 liters STOCK (or water).
  3. In a soup pot, on medium heat, add oil, saute pork, prawn until just cooked. Transfer to a bowl, keep warm.
  4. In the same pot, add COCONUT MILK, bring to a boil, Turn down heat, add BANH CANH, cook about 2 minutes, seasoning to taste.
  5. To serve: Ladle BANH CANH and its GRAVY into a serving bowl, top with PORK-PRAWN mixture, garnishing with chopped scallion,, cilantro, RAU RĂM, fried shallot, and some chile slices.

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