Banh canh cua

BÁNH CANH is thick Vietnamese noodle that looks quite like Japanese udon which has the thickness of a chopstick, more or less. BÁNH CANH CUA is a soup of BÁNH CANH and crab meat as a major ingredient. Prawns, fishcake, straw mushroom, … are also added in, garnishing with fried shallots, chopped coriander leaves, scallion, corloring with achiote seed oil.

In some countries you can buy dried or precooked BÁNH CANH noodle at the Asian store. If you can’t find it, you can use Japanese Udon as a substitute.

If you want make BÁNH CANH noodle by yourself: see BANH CANH’s RECIPE:



For soup base (Broth):

  • 2kg Pork bone
  • 2nos Onion, peeled, cut into quarter
  • 1 no Carrot, peeled, cut MIRE POIX
  • 1no Daikon, cut MIRE POIX
  • 50gr Dried SHRIMP
  • 1no Dried SQUID (100gr), toasted
  • 5 ltrs Water
  • Salt, white PEPPERCORNs to taste
  • 2tbsp or more, ACHIOTE SEED oil
  • 400gr STRAW MUSHROOMs, cut halves
  • 1tbsp chopped SHALLOT
  • 1/2tbsp chopped GARLIC
  • 2tbsps cooking oil for sauteing
  • Chicken/meat booster/MSG (optional)

For serve:

  • 500gr or more CRAB meat
  • 3nos TIGAR PRAWN per serve, cooked, peeled, DEVEINed, tail on


  • Fried SHALLOTs
  • Sliced SCALLIONs
  • Chopped CORIANDER leaves

Condiments: LIME wedges, sliced CHILE, FISH SAUCE, cracked white peppercorns


  1. Prepare soup: In a stock pot, add the pork bones and fill with enough cold water to cover. Bring to a boil for 5 minutes. You will see the impurities rise to the top. Dump out the pot and rinse the bones well under warm water to clean all the impurities. Place the bones back to a large stock pot filled with 5 liters water. Add onion, carrot, daikon, dried shrimps, toasted dried-squid, peppercorn. Bring to a boil and simmer on medium heat for 2hours or more, occasionally skim off the scum. Strain the stock to another stock pot. Discard the solid. Add in STRAW MUSHROOMs

Season to taste with chicken or meat booster (optional), sugar, salt, and fish sauce. Add ACHIOTE SEED oil for corlor.

Note: If you want the soup thicker, Mix cornstarch with water, then stir in boiling soup as your desired consistency. You can add some veggies (CARROT, DAIKON cut as you like) to your soup to finish soup base.

In a sauteing pan (or wok), under medium heat, add oil, chopped garlic, chopped shallot, saute the CRAB meat (add in some ACHIOTE SEED oil for color, CRAB roe can be sauteed in this step if you got). Keep warm, set aside.

  1. Assemble: Blanch the BÁNH CANH noodle in boiling water, then put in serving bowl. Top with spoon-full crab meat, 3nos PRAWN (hot), Ladle the hot soup (with contains) to cover. Garnish with fried shallot, chopped coriander leaves, scallion, cracked peppercorn, and served with condiments.

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