Pork Siu Mai

Traditional siu mai are filled exclusively with chopped pork, though some restaurants will include shrimp in the filling. Siu mai are wrapped in a fresh pasta skin that is left open, so that the filling peeks out of the top of the dumpling when served at the table. RECIPE Ingredients 6 ounces shrimp 1/2 cup […]

Shrimp Dumplings

A kind of Dim sum (Cantonese for HEART’S DELIGHT), dim sum includes a variety of small, mouth-watering dishes such as steamed or fried dumplings, shrimp balls, steamed buns, pot stickers and Chinese pastries. Dim sum – standard fare in tea houses – can be enjoyed any time of the day. Unlike most dining establishments, servers in […]

Bun rieu (Bún riêu)

BUN RIEU (Vietnamese: Bún riêu) is a traditional Vietnamese meat, rice vermicelli soup. There are several varieties of BÚN RIÊU, including BUN RIEU CUA (bún riêu cua), BUN RIEU CA (bún riêu cá), and BUN RIEU OC (bún riêu ốc)… This dish is well-known in the country and in the world. BÚN RIÊU CUA is […]

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