Sambal Belacan

Sambal Belacan is an indispensable chili condiment in Malaysian cuisine. For many, a meal is incomplete without this spicy savory concoction as it whets one’s appetite and goes with just about everything. Like Nasi Lemak, Malaysians absolutely love and can’t leave home without it. This sauce can be added in your stir-fried dishes (like fried […]

Penang Laksa

Penang laksa (Malay: Laksa Pulau Pinang), also known as ASAM LAKSA or Penang Asam laksa comes from the Malaysian island of Penang. It is made with MACKEREL (IKAN KEMBUNG) soup and its main distinguishing feature is the ASAM or TAMARIND which gives the soup a sour taste. The fish is poached and then flaked. Other […]

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